Thomas Chow Architects (TCA) is an energetic architectural company lead by Thomas Chow under his belief to seek the perfection of architecture. The personnel involvement of senior key personnel in every single project ensures the success and quality of the product.

In 1990, Chow went into partnership with Steve Leung and they formed Leung & Chow Architects Planners Ltd. Their goal was to establish a company which would provide exceptional resources and a stimulating environment for superior architectural design.
In 1997, TCA was established in order to have a thorough control and development of Chow’s architecture journey. Chow is passionate for design and he prides himself on maintaining a high level of personal involvement from conceptual design to detailing. His design philosophy, honed by his own artistic leanings and years of working with dedicated architects who placed as much emphasis on theory as on function, is to create a unique identity and eminently suitable character for each and every one of his projects.

In recent years, TCA had completed a number of quality buildings, including the Diocesan Boys’ School Primary Division and the Diocesan Boys’ School Sports and Dormitory Complex, which had been awarded the HKIA Medal of the Year 2004 and 2007 respectively. Our recent project as the design consultant for the client, the Transformation of Police Married Quarters (PMQ) into a Creative Industries Landmark, has been completed with success for its design to fit for its intended function as designer’s hub, proven by having more than 900,000 visitors since it’s opened for 3 months.

TCA, as a medium sized firm, pursuits for architectural excellent to create a better living environment for the society. We believe that a good design shall comes from its functions and needs, and TCA are expert in co-creation with the client and end-users to ensure the design of every single space would fit for its need. We understand excellent quality comes from detailing, and we would refine not only the design concept, but also into every little detail. With our senior team members devoting and deep involvement to every project from design stage to construction and contract management, our projects design intention could be reflected in the completed buildings.

TCA (周德年建築設計有限公司) 在周德年先生對建築追求完美的理念的帶領下成為一所富有活力的建築設計公司,及確保每個項目的質量和成功。


在過去數年,TCA完成了多個高質量的建築,其中包括拔萃男書院附屬小學及拔萃男書院體育及宿舍大樓,分別於2004年及2007年獲得香港建築師學會年度大獎。TCA最近於前已婚警察宿舍活化項目(PMQ)當中擔任設計顧問,該建築不但成功地將建築改造成為創意設計樞紐,更在開放首三個月內有超過 900,000 的參觀人次。